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Ways You Can Reinvent Mattress Without Looking Like An Amateur

The construction forms of mattresses differ. For example, cold foam mattresses, spring mattresses and viscoelastic mattresses are available. But which variant offers the greatest advantages and which properties should be considered when purchasing?

Spring mattresses are the classics. This division is divided into different groups. For example, inside a Bonell spring mattress are steel springs, which are connected by a spiral. Endless springs or lightweight spring cores are also available.

In a pocket spring mattress, the individual springs are sewn into fabric bags. This creates a single large area. They have a favorable high point elasticity. However, their disadvantage is their reduced use, because their suitability for adjustable slatted frames is limited. This makes them relatively inflexible. However, the manufacturers have responded and offer a compromise solution by designing  from a combination of pocket spring core and foam. Both forms can be found in the mattress the advantages of both designs are combined.

  • The spring cores receive a padding of foam. The cover usually consists either of cotton or a functional fabric mix. Under it is also a layer of new wool, horsehair, cotton or other material. If you are allergic, you should choose the fabric carefully.

An important advantage of the spring mattress is its good moisture regulation. During use, it absorbs the body moisture and later releases it into the air. So no moisture remains in the mattress and there is no mold. Many innerspring mattresses divide into different zones, which affect and increase the comfort of lying. Depending on the severity, the individual body parts press at different depths on the surface. Spine and back are relieved thereby. A distinction is usually made between the five-zone and the seven-zone mattresses.

Currently, spring mattresses are the cheapest option

Of course there are differences, especially in quality. All mattresses guarantee robustness and a long service life. Unfortunately, the simple models do not have point elasticity, which relieves the body and is especially important for the shoulder area and the pelvis. This is found only in the more expensive pocket spring mattresses

The modern design of a viscoelastic mattress is characterized by its features with a memory function. This allows her to adapt to the body, thus ensuring a restful sleep. The deformation is made possible by the released body heat and the gentle sinking into the mattress. Beneficial is the support of the body by the stability, which has this form. The disadvantage is the rigidity of a change in the reclining position, because the mattress slowly adapts again.

However, point elasticity is also present in this variant

In addition, the aforementioned high adaptability and their resistance to mite infestation convince. Since the mattress is based on the body heat, you sleep on her warm, which is less liked in summer by many people. For those who like it warm, the viscoelastic mattress with its higher heat development is just the right choice. A higher price characterizes this comfortable version.

In recent years, the cold foam mattress on the market has become more and more prevalent. The buyers have now discovered the benefits, even if this form was once frowned upon. The further development and various optimizations have contributed to the success. Inside the mattress is usually a PUR cold foam core. Some important quality features should be considered when purchasing to select a high quality model.

Among other things, the density must be considered in cold foam

This code indicates the weight of the foamed raw material and refers to a room unit. One of the possible sizes is kilograms per cubic meter. The higher the number, the more durable the mattress will be. In these cases, a lot of material was processed, which increases the quality. The hardness of the mattress is given by the compression hardness, while a low number indicates a soft shape.

Cold foam is particularly suitable for the seven-zone mattresses because it combines them with the advantages of the individual zones. Gradually, however, compresses the foam and the individual body parts penetrate deeper into the mattress. Arise over time troughs. If you notice such changes, you can turn the mattress. In severe cases, it must be replaced. Experts recommend the regular turning, as the coolers can possibly regenerate themselves.

A cold foam mattress offers many advantages, but also some disadvantages. It adapts very well to the body and is suitable for various slatted frames. It also has point elasticity and a pleasant suspension behavior. If the lying position of the user changes, the original form is immediately accepted again. However, for people who sweat heavily during sleep, the good heat insulation is more of a hindrance. Unlike a spring core, a cold foam mattress is less durable.

On the market can be found on the listed here other different forms of mattresses

Also available are latex mattresses, which are made of rubber. These are able to convince by high point elasticity and the adaptation to the body. However, the high weight can lead to difficulties in handling the mattress. When selecting the appropriate type, buyers should therefore weigh carefully all the pros and cons. It is important to consider in advance which aspects are of particular importance to the individual. The mattress purchase therefore always remains an individual decision.

Buy Mattress: You should pay attention to this

A good mattress contributes significantly to a deep and restful sleep. Unfortunately, such a purchase can rarely be extensively tested. Therefore, here are some important tips for mattress purchase.

If you find it hard to rest at night, feel like a car in the morning, your back hurts, or you are completely wet with sweat - then it's high time to buy a new sleeping pad.

And even if none of the above symptoms apply to you and your mattress looks flawless from the outside:

For hygienic reasons, this should be replaced at the latest after ten years.

Basically, the selection of the right mattress is an individual matter. Therefore, be sure to give good advice. But that's not all. Because every sleeping pad conveys a special feeling of being lying down - and that has to be tried out before you buy it.